Mik-key button – now I can swim

The Thursday after our return from Hawaii, I was able to have my g tube  (PEG tube) replaced with a Mik-key gastronomy feeding tube. I have learned to take the whole day off from work when I have medical procedures because I don’t know how I will feel after . I had a long to do list for my day at home.

My appointment was 9 am. We brought the Mik-key tube that our infusion company sent.

First they removed the saline from my g tube balloon.

And then it pulled right out.

This photo shows my g tube with the deflated balloon. The Mik-key tube was inserted and inflated with saline. I had some pain but figured it would go away. The doctor said he was on the Big Island last week too, so he could have done it there, ha! We went home and I ate my mid morning snack. Then I threw up everything in my stomach. The pain around the tube was pretty intense. The tube was so short that it was squeezing my stomach muscles.

This blurry picture shows how tight my Mik-key tube was. After many phone calls by my husband we arranged to pick up a longer Mik-key tube from the infusion company and go back to the doctor so they could replace it. Luckily they had the correct size in stock.

Stan going into Option Care to get my new Mik-key tube.

Hopefully this one will fit better.

Much better and no pain. Another doctor put this one in and he said, “we’ll recycle the water from the old balloon since we live in the desert”. Every 5 ml counts.

My new tube system has a long tube that I attach to the port in my abdomen. The tube has its own built in kinking system to stop the flow. So no more hair ties needed. I will need to have it replaced approximately every 3 months.

I did not get all the things done on my to do list that day. But now I can get back in the water so it was worth it.

5 thoughts on “Mik-key button – now I can swim

  1. I hate thinking of you going through those procedures. You certainly look comfy in that hot tub!! Glad you can be there. Love to you and to Stan and Andy.

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