Cubs win the World Series and then it’s time for a change

Photo credit Andy Macdonald, Graphic Enhancement Credit Judy Harrison

I grabbed the moon 3 years ago and the Cubs won the World Series in November 2016. I have been a Cubs fan since my grandmother took me to games on the El when I was little. I remember when I was about 8 she asked me to go get her a beer. The guy at the beer booth said, “I can’t sell it to you” as he laughed. I went back and told Grandma what he said and she said, “That’s ridiculous! Of course it’s not for you.” Then there were the times we would go on Ladies Day where women and girls over the age of 12 got in free. I was with one of my sisters and we were younger than 12, but Gram pushed us under the turnstile saying, “they are over 12”. I wasn’t comfortable with this but that was life with Gram!

Then in high school I had a summer job as an Andy Frain Usher and worked day games at Wrigley (before lights) and night White Sox games at Comisky Park. At White Sox games they made the female ushers leave at the 7th inning stretch because of safety concerns. The day games at Wrigley were much more fun and I got to see the whole game.

I do credit Gram with giving me the love of baseball and she also taught me to knit and I also love knitting. So when I saw a Facebook post about people writing the names of loved ones who didn’t live to see the Cubs go all the way in chalk on the walls of Wrigley Field, I asked my brother if he could go put Gram’s name on the wall. He did, on the way to a party to watch the 7th game.

He said the Cubs got their first inning home run while he was writing it – Gram would have been so happy.

He stood on a bucket to write it in a blank spot.

Thanks Pete! It looks good. And the Cubs finally went all the way! The Eddie Vedder song “Someday we’ll go all the way ” has been a battle hymn for the Cubs and it’s now obsolete. Someday came!

And my life with ALS continues. This week I started wearing my Precision Medicine Program motion sensors. It’s a little scary to know that I may notice the progression of my disease more quickly now that data will be recorded online once a month.

A wrist sensor
An ankle sensor 

I will wear these once a month for 6 or 7 days. It is nice to be contributing to science in a small way – wearing these ugly sensors for one fourth of each month. On the first, third, and fifth days of wearing them each month I have to do prescribed exercises at certain times of day.

On November 6 at 2 AM, most of the United States will turn the clocks back one hour to end daylight savings time. With this time change, I am finding myself in the midst of a life changing event – after one more week of work, I will be going on medical leave while I apply for disability retirement. The reasons are two-fold: my last illness made me realize a job around sick kids is probably not the best place for me. Also, it is really hard to be a school secretary and not use the phone. I had hoped to work 1o more years, but we don’t get to plan everything. I have loved my job and I leave with bittersweet feelings, but it’s time for a change.

People are still contributing to my #whatwouldyougive campaign to support ALS TDI. Thank you!



One thought on “Cubs win the World Series and then it’s time for a change

  1. 9-year-old Samuel and I read this post this Monday morning while he is home sick from school. The Cubs references and Uncle Peter’s fantastic feats and photos kept Sam’s interest! A television-free family, we had the treat of watching the WS Final Game at our Rabbi’s family’s home, until the rain delay got too late, and then listening to the final inning on the radio from bed! What a joy! Our Cubbies! We hosted a celebratory party Friday night with Sam’s Chicagoan baseball coach Jim Keenan and family and other friends.

    We would argue with you, Meg, about how cool your wrist and ankle sensors look! While we agree, that it’s awesome that you’re contributing to science, and we pray that your monthly results will show miraculous strength and abilities.

    We feel that your writing of this regular Post already indicates your possession of those attributes! May they have positive effects on your motor neurons!

    I believe I was the sister with you on the 12 and Over Ladies Day with Gramma. At least on one of them. The beer story was new to me though, and also a delight to read! Gram must have sent you solo on that adventure! What a Character she was!

    My heart goes out to you on taking leave from your cherished position at the school. You certainly have the strength, will and wisdom to have stayed as long as possible. Again, these personal strengths will help you in what I hope won’t be a battle next, achieving disability retirement benefits. Good luck with all of that!

    With love from your Sister Catherine and “Little” Nephew, and from Rick too. I’m so glad we’ll all be together for Thanksgiving.

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