Saying goodbye to a job I love

10 years ago my son started kindergarten at Caughlin Ranch Elementary School. I was a regular volunteer until he was in 5th grade and the Office Clerk job opened up. I applied and was hired and I loved the part time work. I got off work two hours before he got home. I could go running or  or grocery shop. Then the secretary job opened up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to work full time. But Andy was in middle school and ready for more independence. I moved up to Administrative Secretary and I loved interacting with students, parents, and coworkers.I hoped to work there until retirement at age 65.But we can’t plan everything. Instead I am taking medical leave at age 56.

My school has a new garden this year. One mom, Tammy, spearheaded the effort to get the garden going, obtaining grants and donations, finding businesses that would volunteer to help, and arranging for lessons in the garden from Urban Roots, a local garden education company. Tammy told me that she and her 6th grade daughter Maddie were working in the garden one weekend, and Maddie had the idea that the garden should be dedicated to me. Tammy told me that Maddie said, “Mom, this garden is like Meg. It’s beautiful, it brings joy to our students, and is strong and courageous.” Such a touching thing from a 6th grade girl!

So on my last day at work they held a dedication ceremony at 8:30 AM.

It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful place where students learn about how things grow and all the other garden processes. I am honored to have it dedicated to me.

With Maddie and Tammie Freeman

Students read tributes to me and each class painted a rock.

Credit Tammy Freeman

I will miss everyone but can go back to help out once in a while in the garden or the office. 

Stan was there too. Can you read the plaque? It says Meg Saunders Macdonald Community Garden, Love Connection Hope
And my proud dad
Meg’s Garden – I am so honored (photo credit Maya Oliver)


This one started with first grade fingerprints

Video credit Tammy Freeman plus most of the photos too!

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