Family love and connection across Nevada 

We left Reno in our motorhome, again beating a winter storm. I am so thankful that my dad agreed to house sit so my houseplants won’t die and packages won’t sit on our porch. We spent the first night in Yerington to visit Stan’s mom and step dad and his cousin Lisa. When we arrived in Yerington, after the one and a half hour drive from Reno, we discovered that my Subaru, which we were towing, had a dead battery. We have an automated braking system for it that requires it to be in auxiliary mode while towing. Our connecting cable was not charging the battery as we drove. We stayed in an RV park just west of Stan’s mom’s house. But no worries, Sharon and Keith came and picked us up. We had a nice dinner at Sherry’s Stage Stop Restaurant.

Stan with his mother Sharon and their Margaritas

After dinner we went to their house for gift exchange and pumpkin pie (it smelled so good!) Andy played his viola. Sharon played her new banjo ukulele  and sang “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”.

In the middle of the night I realized that I had forgotten to pack my formula for our day of driving to Vegas. Our infusion company shipped my food for the rest of the trip to Stan’s dad’s house in Vegas.The next morning Stan’s cousin Lisa came to our motorhome for breakfast and gift exchange. She had time to jump my car. I was able to go to Scolari’s grocery store and pick up some High Protein Boost Complete Liquid Nutrition for the day, while everyone else was eating chili cheese omelettes.

Stan’s cousin Lisa hanging out in our motorhome

After our nice visit with Lisa, we began our drive to Vegas and decided to stop after an hour and a half, unhook the car, and let Andy drive my (manual transmission) car, with me in the passenger seat, and Andy in radio contact with Dad in the motorhome, in order to charge the battery. Andy is still working on his fifty hours of learning permit driving before he can get his license. He hasn’t had much experince with manual transmission driving yet. He did pretty well until the first small town where we had to slow down, then he had trouble getting the car in gear getting back up to speed and he freaked out. I decided it was time for me to drive and let Andy watch me shift. I had him pull over at the next available turnoff. It was a brothel. Great. Oh well, it is part of Nevada’s history and culture. I drove for awhile and then we hooked up again. We decided it would be better for Andy to practice shifting in Las Vegas instead of on a two lane highway. South of Beatty, when there were no more major hills, Stan turned my car on and we towed it in idle for about 50 miles. That worked. We ended up driving through Vegas after a big rainstorm and  after rush hour, so some things went right. We checked into Duck Creek RV Park and got our motorhome parked and hooked everything up and got the inside set up. Then we went to see Stan’s dad and step mom and we went to dinner at Lindo Michoacan, voted as the best Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas many years in a row. Sometimes I will taste food and spit it out, just to taste it. I tried to taste the guacamole but it was too hot for me. I used to be able to tolerate hot food, but after about 4 months of feeding tube eating with no taste I can’t tolerate hot spicy food anymore, or salt or sugar either. But everyone else loved their food and it was a fabulous visit.

Dinner at Lindo Michoacan with Andy, Stan, Cathy, and John (Grandma and Grandpa)

The day before Christmas Eve we had a nice brunch with Grandma and Grandpa, then Cathy and I got to take naps at their house while the guys all went shopping. I am glad I got all my presents wrapped before we left Reno because relaxing was so much nicer for me than shopping two days before Christmas. 

Very early Christmas Eve  (as in 2 AM) it was raining outside and Andy woke us up because the slide out he sleeps in was leaking and got his bedding all wet. I got up and we cleared the area so we could move the slide out back in. I helped with the bedding, finding a dry part of his pillow, dry part of comforter to lay on, dry part of sleeping bag to put over him. It’s good he had his warm fuzzy soft blanket that he got for Christmas from our dear friends in Sacramento. All the time I was doing it, Stan was saying, “Let him figure it out.” But obviously even a 16-year-old needs his mom sometimes. Glad I am still here. Glad I am still able to use my arms and legs.

Christmas Eve morning we got a text from my dad that my step mom Anita was in the ER with severe pain and nausea. So scary. Stan and I went to City Athletic Club hoping to take an aquatic fitness class, but there was no class due to the holiday weekend. But we got in the pool and did our own workouts. There was a guy there coaching a teenager with all kinds of plastic resistance items for legs or arms, one woman doing her own aqua fitness, and one guy swimming laps. The pool was cold but we warmed up quickly by keeping moving.

Stan in the pool next to the plastic resistance items that he got to try

We will go back Tuesday and Thursday for aqua fitness at 9 AM to stay in shape.The cold pool is okay to get us ready for the cool water we will be snorkeling in when we go to the Galapagos for our 25th anniversary next week.

Then we went back to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a visit and lunch.

Andy walking into Grandma and Grandpa’s beautiful front garden
Andy’s friend Nikki who is Grandma’s best friend’s granddaughter

I got another text from my dad in the afternoon that all tests for my stepmom  were negative and even though they wanted to keep her overnight, my dad and Anita decided that home was a better place to rest and recover. She is on anti nausea meds which I remember all too well from my horrible stomach bug in September. 

My mouth is very dry from my new medicine for reducing saliva. I wish there was a way to balance between drooling and an uncomfortable dry mouth. I got some dry mouth spray from CVS and that is helping a little. Or maybe I should only take the new medicine less often, perhaps just morning and night. Maybe I will try that on Christmas day.  My dry mouth felt so bad that I drove back to the motorhome by myself and laid down. I could tell it had rained heavily because there were giant puddles. No wetness under the top of the slide out. Then it began to rain hard again and again no leaking. So the problem in the early morning must have been that the slide was not all the way out and sealed. I am glad I went back because you only can test leaks when it’s raining. I felt a little better after my rest and went back to Grandma and Grandpa’s. We ended up eating at Dennys at about 9 pm and it was surprisingly crowded. When we were done and Stan was paying at checkout, a woman was by herself ordering take out food just for herself and Stan decided to pay for hers too -such a nice Christmas Eve thing to do!

Christmas morning we were in our motorhome, a tradition we are getting used to. 

The gifts all laid out for Christmas morning

I have Amazon music on my phone and played their Acoustic Christmas Playlist through my Bluetooth speaker. It was such relaxing music with very meaningful lyrics, even one about not needing a Christmas tree to celebrate! We opened gifts that were not under a tree. My son made me beautiful bracelets with my mantra on them.

I love them Andy, thank you!

He also gave me new slippers and gave Stan a nice sweater.

Stan and I showing off our gifts from our wonderful son.

After opening gifts and showering, Stan and Andy were ready before me. They left because Stan had to get the turkey in the oven. I got ready and got the Christmas wrapping garbage ready for the dumpster. Then I broke up all the cardboard boxes. Grandpa and my brother-in-law Jeremiah came to pick me up and helped me get all the stuff to the dumpster. It was great to catch up with Jetemiah on the drive when we were looking for an open Port of Subs Sandwich shop to bring lunch back, but they were closed. But Starbucks was and their sandwiches were available. Grandpa noticed this as he was backing out the car and I had to take a picture even though I like Starbucks because it’s funny.

Some Starbucks employees may have been thinking this when they had to work on Christmas day

Then back to Grandma and Grandpa’s and it was so nice to see the rest of Jeremiah’s family. Stan’s step sister Adrienne and two of her 4 sons, Nolan and Lucien.Her other two sons are grown and married – one is a dad and both are expecting new babies. Wish they were here!

Adrienne and Lou in the sunglasses we gave him.
Stan the chef with Jeremiah in the kitchen
Adrienne with her tall 15 year old son Nolan

We opened gifts and everything was so wonderful.

Grandpa by the tree with one of his four dogs (they got a new one yesterday, a Christmas present for Grandma)
Grandma in her cool anti gravity chair holding photos of her 3 grandsons here for Christmas.
Sequence is always a favorite game at Grandma and Grandpa’s
But Andy and Nikki would rather be on the computer
And it was hard to get Nolan and Lou out of the pool for dinner
Tables all set for Christmas dinner
Last minute dinner preparations

Dinner was wonderful. I tasted Stan’s stuffing then had to remove it from my mouth. Delicious! I did my experiment with the new drug and found that it lasted almost 12 hours so twice a day should be fine.

Adrienne showing her mom and Stan a funny video 

Andy is getting used to manual transmission here in Vegas, with Stan by his side coaching and lots of red lights.

All in all a wonderful Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all my friends and family and other readers of this blog.

4 thoughts on “Family love and connection across Nevada 

  1. Meg, so glad to read your wonderful blog!
    Did Linda Reano tell you that we’ve reconnected after 47 years? I still remember the week I took care of you & your siblings. Great memories!!

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