A little more Vegas, then an epic trip to South America begins

We had a few more days in Vegas before our 25th anniversary trip. Stan and I went back to City Athletic Club on Tuesday morning for the 9 am aqua fitness class. The pool temperature was even colder. About 5 or 6 older ladies had come for the class but wouldn’t get in the pool. One of them said, “I would never get warm again.” The instructor cancelled the class so Stan and I jumped in and did our own aqua fitness. The only other people there was a family from Belgium speaking Flemish and swimming laps. They said, “It’s cold, isn’t it?” It was so cold I shivered a lot, and that was motivation to keep moving. We had a good workout. Stan talked to the Belgians – their teenage son is a BMX rider so the talk went on to bicycle racing – road and track. I wanted to make sure they knew we love Belgian chocolate. Stan makes wonderful truffles out of them. It was like a game of charades but I finally got my point across. They were here on vacation but said they are not gamblers.

Later on Tuesday we all went on the High Roller ferris wheel. We were lucky to board at about sunset so we got to see the changing light. There was a little bit of excitement in our group waiting to get on.

We got spectacular views and Stan and his dad were impressed with all the engineering that went into it.

Later back at Grandma and Grandpa’s, Andy has already bonded with the new dog Gracie. Andy is kind of a dog whisperer.

On Wednesday Grandpa called the City Athletic Club to ask about the pool temperature. It was 75 and they were still waiting on the new motor. So Thursday Stan and I will do our aqua fitness in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool tomorrow. That will save us an hour of driving to the club.We went by a pool supply center for noodles and fitness equipment.

A workout in Grandma and Grandpa’s heated pool should be fine, with four dogs to cheer us on.
Stan warming up for our workout
We bought two noodles, two barbells, and swimming gloves

Thursday we had a great workout in Grandma and Grandpa’s pool. I have an interval timer on my phone so we worked hard for three minutes then rested for one then hard for three more minutes and it lasted over an hour. The thermometer in the water said 75 but in the sunshine it was not as bad as the indoor pool at the club.

We got Andy moved over to Grandma and Grandpa’s who he will stay with for half our trip. He will fly back to Reno on his own on Wednesday to stay with Nana and Papa. We did lots of running around to get ready for our really early flight on Friday morning.Then back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Grandpa and Grandma with Grandma’s best friend Sandy
Great dinner at Dang Dee Thai Restaurant. I loved the food here. Again I was sad to not be able to eat it. But it is all good. I can feed myself and my liquid nutrition is keeping me alive.
Stan relaxing with his dad and a couple of the dogs

Stan’s dad was so kind to get up and drive us to the airport at 2:45 AM. We met our friends Jim and Peggie at the airport. It is so nice they are going with us.

Peggie and Jim and Stan ready to go to Ecuador!

And it’s bye bye Vegas! On to Panama City to change planes, then off to Guayaquil, Ecuador. And the adventure begins. Well, the 25 years of marriage have been quite an adventure and this should be a great one to top it off.
We had upgraded to first class because of the duration of the flight from Vegas to Panama City and Stan’s discomfort. . They served Ibreakfast after takeoff. So I had my two cans of formula. Three hours later they served lunch so I downed two more cans which turned out to be a big mistake. I threw up in the sick bag and then more and more. We got lots of paper towels to clean up. It got on my shirt and pants. Stan traded places with Peggie who is a nurse practitioner and she helped me out. 

Landing in Panama City

When we got to Panama City I had enough time to buy a new shirt and new shorts at a Tommy Hilfiger store. I told them in Spanish on my Boogie Board that I had been sick on the airplane and needed a new shirt and shorts. So they let me try them on and wear them out.

Then on to Gauyacil Ecuador which is only a two hour flight so we were in coach for this flight but it was OK. A kind man from Guayaquil sat next to me and Stan was on the aisle. I felt much better and only had water. I can still take very small sips with my chin on my chest to make sure the epiglottis is closed so I don’t aspirate. I put 6 ounces in . through my tube as well as little size.
We are staying at the Hilton in Guayaquil and this is the view from our window.

How nice! Fireworks for our anniversary. But really it is just that New Year is a huge celebration here and they start early

Then drinks with Jim and Peggie.

Then our anniversary dinner at the steak house in the hotel overlooking the pool.

Everyone loved the food and this was the dessert they brought us.

Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with dear friends

I will sign off here. Tomorrow is another early morning and we head off to the Galapagos. More on that next week.

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