Alphabet Soup (the last two weeks)


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    • A is for Aria, my friend with advanced cancer. We had a nice visit and were able to give each other resources and realized that we both think alike because our days are numbered. It is a wonderful friendship.
    • B is for bloodwork which I tried to get done for my genetic testing on Wednesday but I was too late to have the sample shipped that day. Now I will go back Tuesday, first thing in the morning. It can’t be shipped later than Wednesday so it can be processed before the weekend.
    • C is for crash, as in dirt bike. Stan went out riding with his friend Chuck and crashed and landed on his head. He was worried about his middle back. We were at the ER until 11:30 P.M. on a school night. The CT scan showed no breaks and the doc said, “You bounced good.” Thank you helmet and body armor.
    • D is for dentist appointment at which I found out I have more plaque and tartar because I don’t chew anymore. So my dental cleanings will take longer now.
    • E is for Easter brunch at Rapscallion with my dad and step mom, Anita, and my step brother Brian. Stan’s feet were too sore from all the walking the day before (See and ) so he was not able to join us.
    • F is for Fest, as in uke fest at the Nugget in Sparks. It has become an annual event for us because Stan’s mother and aunt both play ukulele and they stay at the Nugget for this fest each year. Our tradition is to have lunch at noon on Saturday at the Oyster Bar, then go wander around the uke fest.
       Stan and his mom toasting with water.
       Andy with his Grandma Sharon
       Our good friends Chuck and Alice joined us this year. Chuck is a uke player and a big uke fan.

      Sharon trying out a pretty ukulele at the Uke Fest

    • G is for G tube: my awesome nurse practitioner supervised Stan changing my feeding tube so now we will be able to do it at home every three months.
    • H is for Honda airbag recall.Our Honda Ridgeline had to go to the dealer for recall work on the airbags, meaning Andy had to ride the bus to and from school for a couple of days.
    • I is for invitations sent out for upcoming events.
    • J is for journey, as in Captain Cook’s explorations, which I am reading about in an awesome book called Blue Latitudes.
    • K is for K, as in potassium, which Stan found out from his bloodwork in the ER that his level was perilously low, so now he is on a higher potassium supplement and he is making an effort to eat more potassium rich food.
    • L is for license, as in driver’s license, or Real ID, which will be required for domestic flights in about three years. My driver’s license was due to expire in June but I got it renewed to a Real ID this week.
    • M is for music, as in piano which I play most days, and as in Bruce Springsteen’s memoir Born to Run, which I am also reading.
    • N is for new shoes for aqua fitness which will support my feet better.
    • O is for objects decluttered, which I continue to do by filling all my monthly food supply boxes with giveaways and donating them to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters thrift store.
    • P is for Peters, our good friends who came out to cheer Andy on  (See R).We went out for lunch with them too.
    • Q is for Quiet, which I often long for and sometimes find.
    • R is for Race, as in Andy’s first 10K (6.2 miles) running race. He did the San Francisco Giants Sacramento Race at the Sacramento River Cats stadium  (SF Giants AAA team).
       The San Francisco Giants Easter Bunny before the start
       Our view of the finish line 
       Andy’s finishing kick, on the right with the red socks. He managed to catch the guy in black right at the finish line. The other runners in the photo were finishing the 5K race.
       The runner after his great race.
       Andy with his post race runners’ snacks and his buddies Maddie and David.

       After the race in the parking lot with my dear friend Erika

       After the race in the parking lot with my wonderful husband 
    • S is for sloth, as in my 16-year-old son who will stop mid action and stare into space, especially in the morning.I called him sloth last Monday morning when he froze, as I regularly do. Then I told him we could go to the Sacramento Zoo after his race on Saturday to see the sloth (See Z). Stan, who was reading the morning comics, said “Come look at Zits! (a comic strip about a teenage boy)” and this was the comic: (!)
    • T is for taxes, due April 18, so I got them all ready to mail on Tuesday.
    • U is for Urban Roots, our local organization that educates children on where their food comes from. They teach planting, harvesting, and preparing food that is grown. They donated $500 to the Meg Saunders Macdonald Community Garden, and I was asked to accept the check.

       With Tammy Freeman, the force behind the creation of the garden, and some early spring onions.
    • V is for vicarious adventure from reading a blog about an Australian woman attempting to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, a very exciting read.
    • W is for Wellness and Art, a monthly class for cancer patients at the Nevada Museum of Art, which Aria told me about, and which I tried. They didn’t send me away because I don’t have cancer, which is nice because as Aria says, “We all think the same.” The class starts and ends with mindfulness guidance. We decorated eggs using bleeding tissue paper and water or watered down Elmer’s glue.
       The torn tissue paper colors we had to work with 

       My decorated eggs, three done with water and tissue paper peeled off, and one made watered down Elmer’s glue and the tissue paper left on. All were covered with decoupage to make them shiny.
    • X is for Xylitol, an artificial sweetener that attacks the microbes on your teeth and helps prevent cavities. It also promotes saliva production so I can’t handle much of it anymore, but I do use Theramints (by 3M) to rub on the back of my tongue after burning reflux.
    • Y is for Yard Work, as in pruned my rosebush, which was given to me by my step mom,  Anita when my daughter Anna was born too early and died. I promise a photo of its beautiful roses when it blooms.
    • Z is for Zoo where we first went to see the sloth. 
 My son, the sloth, and his animal counterpart 😃

And then we covered the rest of the zoo too.

A,B,C, as easy as 1,2,3, two weeks have passed.

4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup (the last two weeks)

  1. A B C! 1 2 3! Do Re Mi! Meggy it’s you and me! Thanks for the nice post!

    We hope Andy wants to join us for a Portland visit again this summer! Sam wants to take Sailing Camp and Climbing Camp wth him, as well as Baseball Camp! Does Andy play baseball? We’re looking into dates, either second half of June or last week of July/August. The rest is Jewish Sleep-away Camp and family camping! More later.

    Good job at the meet Andy! Sam has his first track meet of the season tomorrow April 18! And third and fourth baseball games on the 19th and 22nd!

    Love, Catherine

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