Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

If you are on Facebook with me then you already saw this. I was challenged to post 7 Black and White photos of my life on 7 consecutive days with no people and no explanation. Here they are:

This week I had my port installed on Tuesday, to be ready for Radicava infusions as soon as my infusion supplier sets it up which hopefully will be this week. My surgery was scheduled for 4:40 pm. They told me I could eat until 6 am, so I got up early and did that. Around 8:45 I got a call asking if I could be there at 9:30 for 11:30 surgery. So I quickly showered and got there at 9:30.

I waited in a children’s room with this kid hanging out with me all day

When the nurses heard I ate at 6, they had to go talk to the anesthesiologist. They decided to do another surgery before mine and said they would try to do mine around 1 pm. So we waited. 1 pm came and went. Stan went to get lunch. They told me my surgery was back on the schedule for 4:40 pm. I asked if I could have more allergy medicine and the answer was no. I actually cried at this point – I was afraid of aspirating on post nasal drip going into sugery. If I had known I would be there all day I would have brought my meds. But they finally said I could take my own Allegra. Stan was having lunch over by the CVS pharmacy and the nurse called him and asked him to pick up some Allegra. He came back and I took it with just a little water. And still we waited. When 4:40 came and went I felt like punching out a few more teeth on that kid hanging with me, although Stan pointed out that it wasn’t his fault, so I controlled that impulse. Ultimately my surgery started after 5 pm. The surgeon apologized for the mix up and all went well.

Post surgery with lots of permanent marker marks and with a port under the bump on my right side.

Then on Wednesday, we found out that my infusions are being held up by the need for a signature of the contracts manager for the infusion company, who was gone all week. I complained that it is 2017 and anyone can sign anything anywhere anytime. But again, we waited through a weekend to make more progress. Radicava Ridiculousness!

We have received great support from MT Pharma America, the drug company. The long drawn out waiting period has been hard, but hope in an infusion bag is closer than ever.

5 thoughts on “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

  1. I m going to send you a voodoo doll for use in all of the exasperating moments you must endure!!! Your strength and tolerance are such an inspiration, Meg. Xoxo

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