March Madness and Mucus Mundaneness

Having lived in Reno more than half my life, and having a Master’s Degree from the University of Nevada, I have become a Nevada Wolf Pack fan (while still being loyal to you, Ilinois). I especially love men’s basketball from 4 years of watching Big 10 basketball at Illinois. And this year, Nevada is having great success so far in the NCAA tournament, pulling two close upsets coming from behind in the first two games.

The first game was against University of Texas, which was a family rivalry with my sister Sue’s family because her two kids, Ellie and David, graduated from Texas.

photo credit Houston Chronicle

The Nevada Texas game was close, ending in overtime after Nevada came back from a 14-point deficit, with Nevada winning 87-83, Andy’s cousin Ellie called him after the game. When games are so close it’s too bad a team has to lose.

In the second round they played Cincinnati. I don’t have any relatives who attended that school. But again, Nevada came back from being down 22-points with 11 minutes remaining to win 75-73. Another close game – too bad there had to be a loser.

photo credit USA Today

The third round game will be another family rivalry – my dad and brother both went to Loyola. They won their first two games on comebacks too, and both with end-of-game winning shots.

photo credit USA Today

My dad will watch the game with us. He has lived in Reno almost as long as me and he is a Wolf Pack fan, but still loyal to his alma mater. So he says he will win no matter what. But he said he will cheer for Loyola some.

My loyalties were tested like that in 2005, when the number one ranked University of Illinois beat Nevada in the second round 71-59. I actually had to go with Illinois on that one – undergad university loyalty is stronger than grad school loyalty.

All this is great distraction from my discomfort with my mucus problem that no one can figure out. I am still spending most of the day trying to get cleared out And it is quite mundane to do the cough assist, suction, cough assist, suction, cough assist, suction, then deep suction, the cough assist routine again. But as Stephen Hawking said, “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” I will watch basketball stars and wish to the stars for a cure for my mucus problem, and a cure for ALS.

6 thoughts on “March Madness and Mucus Mundaneness

  1. I’m glad you have so many stars to look up to!

    Hang in there, Meggo!

    And isn’t that wonderful news also, that Stephen J. Hawking’s burial site is in Westminster Abbey alongside the other most heralded English scientists Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin. Rest In Peace, O Brilliance!

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  2. We’re just in awe of you, Stan and Andy, Meg! You have such a positive , interested, and fascinating outlook… which has deadly touch us!
    Your cousins,
    Mary, Sarah and Bob❤️👍🌹🌸

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  3. Whoops, sorry, Meg, I’m not sure how to change a mistake in my last message to you! Don’t know how the automatic spelling of the word “greatly” turned out “deadly.”… I apologize! Word should have been “greatly”…

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